Custom Manufacturing

Are you looking for an organic skincare line to add to your spa, resort or retail location? 

Our minimum opening order for custom manufacturing is 350 pieces. Pricing depends on ingredients chosen and services rendered.

Our current natural soaps which are hand-cut by us using crinkle & plain cutters include 2.5” wide,1” thick and 3” height in varying weights.  We do manufacture individually molded or shaped soaps.

Our products are paraben free, no animal testing, and no artificial ingredients. We only use pure essential oils, natural clays , dried flowers and fruit peels , organic ingredients & rich butters for our handmade soaps.

We don't manufacture packaging.  We can insert our soaps into your private label boxes for a fee or you can order your custom soaps hand-packed by us in shrink wrap and apply your own packaging, else we can wrap with our own labels for you if you needed.

Please give us a call to discuss your needs. 

The initial custom manufacturing process can take from 3-5 weeks. Please Call 9717834445 and we'll get started on your special project right away.  We look forward to working with you soon!

Choose any five natural soaps for

Rs 1000/-