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Rs 1000/-

About Us:

Passion Bubbles makes all natural handcrafted artisan soaps. Choice of not using any bad chemicals, colorants or fragrances in our fine soaps makes our soaps pure & fresh. We only use pure skin loving essential oils, rich butters, earth clays, natural dry flowers, fruit extracts to give maximumm benefits to the skin.

Our soaps are made in small batches so we give our customers a treat of  freshly made soaps. We even occassionally add silk powder and goat's milk to further soften the skin.

We are dedicated to producing the finest skin care soaps using only ingredients that are sustainable, pure, natural , free of animal products and SLS & paraben free which makes our products 100% vegetarian.

You can be sure that every product we make is of the highest quality, tested on family & freinds, handmade, closely monitored through every phase & containes the finest essential oils and ingredients regardless of their cost or the length of the time required to produce our products.

Our soaps are handmade, handcut, handpacked with lots of goodness for the skin and love for our consumers.

Passion Bubbles offers a special prices and discounts to sellers in case of bulk orders.